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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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almost an exact replay of his first tee shot of sudden death. >> if you practice it often enough. >> it will be a little easier because it is on the floot. it is not up against the bank. >> he put his tee shot to the right. looks like he is going to go with a 3-wood here. >> high draw is the shot from here now. >> that is down the right-hand side and drawing. easy there. easy. >> i am surprised troy, as long as he is, hasn't done that each time he played the hole. >> flirts the bunker but comes up just short. second hole of sudden death at the john deere classic.
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>> here is the lineup tonight on cbs. it is all tonight, only cbs. back at tpc deer run. another memorable finish. >> yes. >> at the john deere classic. >> i was just thinking one of the things that may be a factor here for zach johnson, and by no means is it a derogatoryy comment against mike bender, his coach. mike is in an unusual position. caddying for his man in a playoff with a chance to win. i think zach is missing damon green, his regular caddie on the bag here. mike is doing a great job. he has his man to this point. but i definitely think it would be a calming influence having the calm damon green on the bag.
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he is playing in the u.s. senior open this week is damon green. a very accomplished player. he is in his early 50s. >> troy matteson trying to win for the third time on the pga tour. he has already punched his ticket for the open championship. he will be in the field for the first time next week. >> i can tell you that i just looked it up. damon finished tied for 17th in the tournament this week in the senior event. that is a very good finish. >> u.s. senior open. it was a big one. >> well, to be honest there is not much to choose from. zach has a slightly easier angle
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coming across the water. he has an even, level lie. ball line is clean. 194 yards. >> i would suggest a good, solid 6-iron with draw into the right side of the green, david. >> yeah. the center of the green as he looks at it. that is a good looking shot. needs to kick to the left. >> beautiful. spectacular shot. >> my goodness, what a shot. >> he does not know how close that is. >> truly remarkable. >> that was 6-iron. unbelievable.
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now the pressure is on. troy knows he must make bird tow stay in the playoff. 7-iron from 190. >> me must give himself a chance. >> pretty good swing. >> but that checked up and it will end up well short. zach johnson with a brilliant effort from the fairway bunker. >> beautiful, full swing. almost holes it.
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>> and he will remember this shot for the rest of his career if he goes on to win. he has put so much of his heart into this tournament. now he is on the cusp of one of the biggest victories in his life. >> you are thinking why he doesn't do that the first time around. that would have saved a bit of time. >> great ovation from the fans who came out to cheer on steve stricker and zach. they sure have their money's worth. you know he has some emotion racing through him right now.
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it might be a regular stop for some on the pga tour, but not for this man. >> guess you could tell that first time around in regulation. he definitely had strong emotions showing then as well. troy matteson holed that 60 footer for eagle at 17. then a brilliant six-footer for par to take it to the playoff. now troy needs to hole this. >> this would be his ninth win on the pga tour, runner-up
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finish and a tie for third over the last three years for zach johnson. >> that mark might be right on the line of troy matteson's putt. i think he will remember this time to mark it back if he has to mark it after what happened at the crowne plaza. it certainly looked like it was right on the line. it has to be close. >> yeah. i think it is. >> it is only a foot from the hole. >> yeah. not even. i think his line is probably just inside of it. if it does happen to hit it, it is as good of chance to help it. >> matteson knows that he has to make this.
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>> didn't make it. that is always a bad feeling. >> to come up short. but it has been a great week for troy matteson. he will be disappointed he did not win it. but he will get a bunch of fedex cup point standings and he will be on the charter to play in the open championship. >> solid effort today. strong finish. this is huge for zach johnson. it will feel like a major for him. a local boy in his ninth victory. >> and he has done it. >> with his coach, mike bender, on the bad. zach johnson takes his hometown event. >> the entire midwest set up and
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smiled, just like zach johnson. david. >> thank you, billy. down here with our john deere classic champion, zach. i know there is a major next week this . is one for you and the local community. >> it is. it is. this tournament means a lot to me and my family and it means a lot to the pga tour. they are one of the long time sponsors. more than that i have to at a thanks to my lord and savior jesus christ. >> another amazing finish and an incredible shot into the last. thanks so much. great entertainment. 175 years of john deere. almost as old as this country. there is the little guy. >> there is wyatt who will turn two on the 23rd. and dad did a great job. shot from the fairway bunker on
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the second hole of sudden death. he had the look of determination throughout the final round. and just a brilliant effort. >> you could not have drawn that up any better. absolutely perfect. his kids and wife sharing the moment with dad and the rest of the fans here in the quad cities. for this favorite son of iowa, zach johnson. second hole of sudden death and zach johnson is the champion of the john deere classic. he wins it over troy matteson. so, for our entire cbs golf team, thank you for being with us. so long from the quad cities and the john deere classic. n my back ab poutrongvidig for his little girl. y't don w,orry, e-trade's got a totally w new investing dashboard. everhi ng's on one pe.
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shooter on the lose, tonight police search for a man they say opened fire while two wounded victims claimed a life.
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that was last night's breaking news. good evening everyone thank you for joining us, i'm adam may. tonight a man hunt is on the way as a man shot two people. 24 hours after it happened, police are still looking for the shooter. derek valcourt has new information on the man police are looking for. >> reporter: apparently this was the angry ex-boyfriend of one of the nail technicians here, coworkers say she was already afraid of him. she even had a protective order against him. now saturday night her nightmare became a reality. this is 35-year-old tuam pham. pham came armed to this salon where the mother of her two children worked as a salon technician. >> we heard, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: police say pham encountered a male friend of the nail technician who was waiting to pick her up at the parking lot after her shift. the two men began to fight in
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the parking lot. shots were fired and the struggle move into the salon. >> they ran by and went into the a nail salon. we heard more pop, pop, pops. we were looking over at the salon and we're saying what's going on. and there was a guy who's shirt was covered in blood. and as soon as i seen his hands, i said oh my he has a gun. >> i saw a victim lying on the ground. then as i was taking care of her, i saw a victim like on the counter. >> reporter: both victims expected to survive, police say the nail technician had an active protective order against pham. local customers shocked. >> they're a part of the community, they run a good business and they're very kind. i would hate to have something like this affect them. >> reporter: the suspect was
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seen in a four door honda accord, 2ak0291. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness muse. derek. thank you, howard police offering a reward for information that leads to pham's arrest. the families of two american missionaries in england are hoping their quickly released. tribes men took them hostage. they're demanding police release their uncle from prison in exchange for the americans. today the u.s. embassy is in close contact with egyptian authorities. the obama campaign and mitt romney butt heads over the economy. drew levinson has tonight's campaign 2012 report. >> reporter: while mitt romney spent sunday at church,
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president obama's advisors again hammered him over when he left his company. he was still in charge through 2002. a period when bane shipped jobs overseas. >> when you're signing a document that says you're the chairman of the board and 100% ownership of a company in what world are you living in that you're not in charge. >> i think it is very troubling that the president would direct his campaign to label someone like governor romney as a felon. >> reporter: romney's campaign say it is obama should be worried about the country not on attacks. >> we know this man will do
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everything even if it means -- >> reporter: president obama admitted he can't criticize romney for attacking his record in the white house. >> because if i was in his same shoes i would be making the same argument. >> reporter: but say his plans still need more time to work. and wjz13 is always on. be sure to check in for complete coverage of campaign 2012 for instant updates, log on to calling 911 is about to get a little easier. pretty soon you'll be able to text or tweet emergencies thanks to a multi million dollars state grant. tonight gigi barnett reports on a new system and how it's putting the united states in the cutting edge. >> reporter: now there's a new way to reach out for help, texting, even tweeting 911.
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>> there's sew many different calls coming in for more important matters so maybe the texting will help reach them faster. >> reporter: the new system is called next generation 911 and fayette police bought it for about $30,000. troopers will have more technology to track crime and deliver help. >> if they're on the cell phone we can follow that cell phone down the highway and make sure we give the fastest and best response for that citizen. >> okay sir i can táep you. >> reporter: police don't have an automated answering machine. some say texting may clog the system and calling is still the best option. >> they already don't answer the phones in enough time how are they going to get to reading the text messages? >> i don't twitter and i don't tweet and i don't text so i just use the phone and talk. i like that better. >> reporter: the state plans to
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test its texting system first, the eastern shore will receive the program next year and then by 2014 every other call center across the state will be able to receive texts for help. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. and the new system responds to video up links and facebook. stay with us there's some stay with us there's some thunde,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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with no annual contract. or choose a two-year agreement and get $200 back, plus a two-year price guarantee. call 1.866.685.fios. that's 1.866.685.3467. all right we have some storms out there and it's 91 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette woods is tracking that weather from the first warning weather center. we're going to join her in just a moment. but first.
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in parts of arizona mother nature is wreaking havoc. check out these flood waters, a motorcycle was seen by witnesses just floating right down that busy road. pretty scary situation in texas when a deck comes crashing down during a birthday party. victims say they thought their life was over. the entire deck crashed from the second story of the home. one witness said he was on the deck for 15 minutes then he started wood cracking and the deck started to sinking. >> you could see people were inside the pool holding it. >> there were people being carted off with broken -p bones and gashes. everybody is pretty shaken up. >> when it fell about 10 people were standing on it. looks like bruce springsteen might have to rethink his nickname. bruce and his band were playing twisted shout when suddenly the
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audio went out. authorities say they cut the fire because the show ran over curfew. all right we're not hearing that around here. we're hearing pretty big thunder boomers out there. especially out on the beach. some people tell me they had to run off the beach for cover out here not long ago. >> we lad a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings -- we did have a a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings. we will show you immediately in baltimore right now we do have a thunderstorms making its way across the city in southern parts of the county. that's the one you're seeing right now making its way through townsen. out west there's more thunderstorms and all of those are moving off to the east so they're scattered about. at this point all of the criteria putting down a lot of rain and much needed rain. temperature wise we're up there. 93degrees right now in baltimore.
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temperatures are all over the place because of the thunderstorms coming through. but we did manage a high of 95 degrees above average and we're going to stay way above average for the next few days around here. look at this heat out there and that's what's moving in our direction. so today mid-90s, tomorrow once again mid-90s and upper 90s for the middle of the week. tomorrow another storm is going to pop up after this one dies down. a little low on tuesday. still a chance for a shower, thunderstorms. and wednesday increasing those rain chances once again. some thunderstorms will start to die down then tomorrow we get another round. 95degrees and look what happen with this forecast 98 on tuesday and wednesday. another front comes through, still could be some thunderstorms lingering into thursday. we cool it down starting friday. adam. >> all right, bernadette, looks like that atmosphere is a little unstable out there. stay with us for eyewitness news tonight at 11:00.
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we're going to have updates on all these story, all the night's breaking news and highlights or low lights from the orioles game this afternoon. that's it for us on wjz. thank you so much for watching we'll see you back here at we'll see you back here at 11,,,,,,
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